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Quantum human design™


A tool that can tell the story of who and how you were always ment to BE. The story of your authentic self, your life purpose and your potential. Without the conditioning from the environement and other people. 


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Quantum human design™

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Human Design is a part science, part spiritual system. It is referred to as the science of differentiation (no more one size fits all). It is hightly personal and we are encouraged to test and experiement with our design. Each individual's essence is different and life flows with so much more ease when we live in alignment with our essence and our blueprint. Not as a fixed usermanual, but rather as a tool to live out our authentic selves without playing small or "shoulding" ourselves away from our true selves.   

Human Design originates from a spiritual download in 1987. Alan Robert Krakower, a Canadian who later referred to himself as Ra Uru Hu, channelled this information which is a synthesis of Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judeic Kabbalah and epigenetics and neuroscience.

Quantum human design™ builds on the original Human Design, but due to more and more people being aware, awake and having worked on deconditioning themselves, a need for a more positive, expansive and empowering language emerged. A language and approach more suited for where humanity is at and where we are heading. Dr. Karen Curry Parker - the founder of Quantum Human Design™ - took it upon herself to do this work. Ra Uru Hu - with whom she had studied and worked for many years - always said that this was something he wanted and needed to do, but sadly, he passed before he got started. 

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