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Do You Remember Who You Were Before the World Told You Who You Should BE?

Quantum Human Design™

"Before you can begin to leverage your creative power, you have to first know who you are, how you oprate, what you are here to do and how your energy is influenced by others" (Karen Curry Parker)

Human Design is a tool that can tell you the story of who you were always meant to be. The story about your authentic self, your life purpose and your potential. Without the conditioning from other people and the world around you. 

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The purpose of our journey is to restore ourselves to wholeness.

~ Debbie Ford


Just like you, I came to this earth with all of me intact.  We never completely lose parts of ourselves – we are always whole and perfect, BUT: On our journey through life we often forget who we are on the deepest level. We become conditioned by situations, incidents, environments and people we surround ourselves with and end up having difficulties distinguishing between what is ME and what belongs to others. The journey back to my authentic ME and to more flow and ease, is something you can read about by clicking the button below.  Maybe you can relate to some of it, and if you feel that I and Quantum Human Design can assist you in finding your way back to more of the YOU without all the «shoulds», then I will be happy to guide and support you.


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Create good energy

We hear the saying “good vibes only” everywhere, but that’s easier said than done. Good vibes are not about pretending nothing is wrong. They’re about creating positive energy around yourself and what you’re doing.

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An attitude of gratitude

When you come from a place of abundance and gratitude, your whole life will change. This course will help you appreciate life (even the aspects you used to dread), and you’ll see success and failure from a fresh perspective.

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Who you’re meant to be

We are all unique individuals with dreams and desires. As we grow, the world around us begins to influence our identity. This course will lead you on a journey of self-discovery where you step into who you’re meant to be with confidence.  

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